Body Language Decoding App

Quickly learn non-verbal communication
have better personal and professional interactions

READ and INFLUENCE people using non-verbal communication.

The Body Language Dictionary App is an effective tool for: professional development, dating, and special needs education.

Decode Body LanguageReal-time body language decoding

Identify facial features and body postures and the app will do the rest.

Top-Notch ResearchComplete educational tool

Over the course of a year, research was conducted by graduate level psychology students at New York University.

Quick ClusterTake what you've learned to the next level

Use the Quick Cluster function to test your knowledge of body language and take your expertise to the next level.

100,000 CombinationsThis App Is Deep

There are over 100,000 different combinations of pictures. You are sure to get what you need out of this app.

Dating is HardWe hear you - this makes it easier

Make better eye contact, learn when to approach or back off. Let her know you're safe and see if he's into you.

Get PromotedInteract better at work

This app will help you get ahead in the workplace. Take advantage of our professional development lessons.

How does it Work

It's simple, and we're going to keep it that way.

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  • decode body language
  • randomized clusters
  • non-verbal communication
  • Identify deceit
  • micro-gestures
  • Body dominance
  • opening conversations
  • workplace communication
  • building rapport


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