Betobet Casino is a casino and sports betting platform that offers its users the best conditions for winning and minimizes the risk of losing. In order to start playing slots, you need to register. By registering and choosing one of the slot machines offered at Betobets, you will have access to the slots. In addition, you can try a demo version to familiarize yourself with the system, its interface and rules.


The casino license is presented by Curacao, one of the most popular gaming organizations. With a license, you can be sure that the casino uses trusted resources, which will definitely have a positive impact on the quality of services provided.

This online casino provides access to services exclusively, which gives players a huge choice and the ability to bet at their own discretion. This is what attracts a wider audience than the usual online casinos. You can play in real time or in “demo” mode. Despite the length of testing the casino, it has already received excellent feedback from regular users.

Gaming software

The site presents all the slot machines, of which there are almost a thousand. If you are interested in this particular slot machine, you can try to play it and win your first prize. If not, go to the free games section and appreciate all the generosity of the resource. It is worth noting that there are different types of games: real-time, poker, keno, video poker, blackjack, roulette and more.

Consider the most popular of them:

  1. Poker. This game has many varieties and many winnings options. One of the most common examples is baccarat. You have to choose a card color and bet on a single card. Many of us know that there are special bonuses in this game. You can take them for free and play them. In some games, the bonus points increase by times.
  2. Blackjack. This is a game with simple rules and a lot of options for winning. The player needs to make a bet in the game and winning depends only on him. If he makes a mistake, in case he wins, either you get a smaller, but free winnings, or he will get his money back.
  3. Roulette. This game of chance gives an opportunity to predict the results of games in advance, as a result – it is considered to be the most popular among card games. The rules are simple – you have to choose the colors of the cards that fall out and press the button if they fall out.

Under Slots, you can choose any virtual entertainment that you like and financial wealth. You can play for money or free, as you like.

Special promotions and offers
Casino Betobet gives its players the opportunity to play at advantageous rates and promotions. You can view a list of the most lucrative offers. Bonuses are awarded to players after registration on the Betobet casino website.

If you are a gambling man, and the opportunity to play free games you have not smiled, you always have the opportunity to play for money. Make a deposit and withdraw the money you can at any time to your e-wallet.

But keep in mind that this requires a simple verification procedure. Bonus reward can be used in the following cases:

  • If you register on the casino Bet-Online or instant registration;
  • If you have passed the verification procedure within 7 days;
  • If you receive a purchase on your account;
  • If the bonus account has more than three dollars;
  • if you deposit more than $10.
  • A welcome bonus of up to $20 is available to all new players. The amount of bonus is $0.5. Such bonus is credited automatically without participation of the player.

Thus, the amount of bonus is equal to the amount of the deposit. Moreover, once a week there are drawings of two tickets to the next game.

Important! The total number of players who can become winners in the draw is 100. Well, if you’re not lucky and you don’t win during the whole week, you can get 100% of your losses during the first 6 days as a bonus. You can also get a percentage on deposits from $1 to $20.

Methods of payment and withdrawal

Depositing an account at Betobet casino is done with the help of electronic wallets (MasterCard, Visa). But you can make a deposit in a regular bank branch. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn from the gaming account is $10. The best offers of competitors. At the moment, the most favorable offers for the players is depositing through the payment systems WebMoney and Skrill.

For example, WebMoney is much more convenient to replenish, because it is checked for validity and user solvency, than payment terminals. And if you use WebMoney to fund your online account, you will be twice as cheap to pay for mobile communications or the Internet. Don’t forget that money is withdrawn from your account regularly, every week. You can see how much money is in your account upon request.

Customer Service

Bet-o-Bet’s online casino customer support team is available 24/7 and is always ready to help you. On its website you will find a lot of useful information about how the system works. The service also communicates with the administration of the game and casino, which will always help you with your problems. Should you have any questions on the customer lobby, this is the place to turn to.

Withdrawal of funds

Withdrawal of funds from the game deposit can be made within three banking days. The amount of withdrawal fees varies depending on the payment system of the player. On average, the withdrawal procedure is a few dollars. Most importantly, do not be afraid to contact the support team in case of any problems with the withdrawal of funds. By communicating with the support staff, you can solve the problems without any problems. Thanks to the information support from Bet-O-BET casino has become even more accessible.

Mobile application Bet-o-Bet

Application Bet-o-Bet is an exact copy of the site and has all the functionality that is in the game, regardless of the browser version and cell phone.

In Bet-o-Bet you will be able to:

  • Deposit to the casino account via bank transfer, electronic money, through terminals;
  • With the help of SMS.


Casino Bet-o-Bet is a great place to bet while playing slots, roulette, sports betting and bookmakers. It is worth noting and the high level of reliability provided by Bet-O-Bets.Try to play slot machines for free – it is very simple and interesting. After registering you will immediately be able to play the slot machines for money. It is also worth noting additionally the quality protection of your account.

It is safe to say that this casino is one of the most popular and sought after, because it offers the lowest stakes among all virtual institutions. It is also worth noting the high professionalism of the Bet-o-Bet team, which carries out its work at a high level.